Will My Business Benefit From Local Internet Marketing?

Local internet marketing … Will my business benefit?

It’s funny how often I hear business owners say “What would I want with a website? I’m not looking to reach a global audience.”

The preconception still exists that the internet is only suited to reaching a far-flung national or international audience. This is simply not true – local businesses can, and are building super-profitable websites that generate new business from within their local area.

 What kind of businesses suit local internet marketing?

Providing that potential customers are searching for your product or service in your area, you can benefit from local internet marketing.

If you operate in a traditional “Yellow Pages industry”, local internet marketing can work like crazy.

By “Yellow Pages Industry”, I’m referring to products and services that are typically only intermittently required and that people traditionally used to  search for in  Yellow Pages. For example:

Pest Control
Some professional services (Legal, Accounting, Financial)

 Times are now changing and local internet marketing is moving with it.

Above we talked about the “Yellow Pages Industry”. This is now changing and this where local internet marketing comes into its own. With the introduction of smart phones and the improvement of the Internet most people don’t use yellow pages any more. When they are looking for goods or services they now go online through their computer or phone to do their search. This is why local internet marketing is a must if you want to grow your business.Local Internet MarketingAt Inspired Online Solutions we understand local internet marketing and together we can grow your business. Contact us for a Free initial consultation to discuss your local internet marketing needs.

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  1. Baz Smith November 18, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    Great post Jon

    It’s apleasure to be able to work with you on Inspired Online Solutions. together we will help local companies to get ranked on page one of the search engines.


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