Linking Your Website To Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Is It Really Important?

Don’t just rely on people finding you online from searching on the search engines alone, linking your website to your social media marketing strategy can be a really good added bonus to your whole marketing effort to getting an online presence.

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Now I’m not saying that your search engine optimisation efforts are going to waste , of course they are going to help you to drive new potential customers to your online shop window (your website).  Although if you think about it this can start to become a reactive marketing strategy.  I have always had more success when my marketing strategies were based more upon proactivity.  Nowadays this proactive marketing strategy is best performed on social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (to name just three)

Social Media Marketing Is A Essential Part Of Your Marketing Strategy …

The same principles apply in the old networking days, reciprocation between like (pardon the Facebook pun) minded business owners all trying to increase their online presence through proactive networking, liking, sharing and joining online based groups and forums to attract new customers.

So when you have an eye catching website in place, one of the best methods of getting your promotional messages out to your increasing fan base on the social network is to link your website to them.  Applications are available that help you to do this.

One that I have used for sometime in Inspired Online Solutions helping our customers to build their online presence is NetworkedBlogs … it’s FREE too!  To set up and link your website to your social media marketing you simply goto the Search Friends,Business or Places window in your Facebook account and search for the Application “Networkedblogs”  You can simply add your blogs to the application and then syndicate (Distribute) it to your Facebook account, your business page and your Twitter account.

You can then use Twitter Apps to send your Twitter messages to LinkedIn and a whole host of other Social media platforms media marketing

So now your Website is really working proactively as the nucleaus of your whole marketing strategy to get an online presence for your business that drives traffic from all areas of the internet.  You will also find that your activity on socail media marketing will also help your website ranking due to all the linking back from the socail media platforms to your own website … just think linking to one of the top ranking websites in the world is only going to help your own ranking.


Jon Vallis

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Former Sales and Marketing Director with over 30 years commercial experience. This experience was gained with a variety of companies (ranging from multi-nationals to start-ups) in the B2B, Building, Plumbing and Construction sectors.

Been involved in numerous prestige projects including new Wembley Stadium, new Home Office building, Ministry of Defence refurbishment.

A positive communicator and motivator whose key strength is an organised creative approach to new business development coupled with successful sales negotiation skills resulting in profitable solutions for his company. Experienced in advising on how to successfully start a new business.

Baz Smith

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Has a wealth of knowledge from over twenty years in the Sales & Marketing industry. Working for a number of Companies from start ups to successful established corporates. Spanning various different industries including, pure marketing, silicone hose manufacturing, customised clothing, commercial vehicle sales, event management and telecommunications.

Within his career he has presented marketing techniques to Lloyds TSB Business Clubs. Increased clients profits expotentionally, created and implemented full sales and marketing communications processes and provided full training to enable clients to continue their progression.



Inspired Online Solutions never confess to being experts in youre business, that’s why we utilise your expertise within your industry and business.  We then combine your knowledge with our social media marketing, offline marketing, website building and search engine optimisation skills to help you getting an online presence that helps your business succeed.


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