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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Local Online Marketing Today

One of the first things you probably did as a small business owner was build a web site with a free web site builder and call it good for developing your online presence. Then you probably moved on to more traditional forms of marketing used by small businesses. Am I right?

Up until recently, having that limited amount of online marketing would have been adequate. In fact, it was somewhat difficult to do local online marketing and get ranked on page one of search engines. It was difficult for local businesses to market to their geographical area. But now it is easier than ever to do local online marketing thanks to local listings in search engines.

As you do local online marketing, it is very important to remember that your website still shows up in worldwide searches as well as local business searches. This means that you’ll have increased traffic to your website and potentially worldwide customers for your business, but still effectively reach your local market online.

local online marketing

Here are 4 simple online marketing solutions that you can use to help increase your local online presence.

1. Decide Who Your Target Customer Is.

This is referred to as target marketing. This is the process of grouping your prospective customers together into specific demographics. Some of these demographics include:

– where your customers live
– how many children they have
– annual salary
– gender
– interests and hobbies
– specific price ranges
– why they want to buy your product
– etc.

As you group your customers together in these specific demographics you’ll find yourself getting very specific about who you want to market to. This is extremely important to understand as marketing can be very expensive if done the wrong way and choosing the wrong company to help you with your online marketing solutions.

2. Create a Content Plan.

This is an effective form of online marketing solutions that continues to perform well for businesses of all types. You need to create a content plan for your website or blog. This means creating web pages about specific topics that your customers are interested in. A simple way to get started with this is to think of the top 20 to 30 questions about your product or service that you get on a consistent basis. Then, write 400 to 600 word articles answering those questions specifically. These will then become webpages or blog posts for your business website.

3. Build Trust Through E-mail Marketing.

As more and more visitors come to your website, you need to have a way of keeping in contact with them and building that relationship of trust by consistently having contact with website visitors. An easy way to do this is with email marketing. You can create an informational e-book or document to give away in exchange for website visitors’ email addresses. Then, you can use these email addresses to send follow-up information and content.

4. Start Your Local Online Marketing With Local Listings in Search Engines.local online marketing

If you haven’t created a local business listing account with search engines yet, then you need to do so now. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing all have local business searches everyday. They also have ways to set up local listings for free. So, get started today and create local business listings with each search engine.

It is nearly impossible to completely ignore local online marketing for any small business. With the amount of searches that consumers do from their cell phones and mobile devices, you are losing customers and losing valuable opportunities to create lifetime customers if you’re not utilising the power of local business searches from search engines.

With all the online marketing solutions available for small businesses, it isn’t that hard for local businesses to get ranked on page one of search engines. If you implement these online marketing strategies, you should find increased traffic to your web site (and customers for your business) in no time.

To make sure you get ranked on page one of search engines for your business services you need to carry out an extensive SEO activity.

So How Do We Do Local Online Marketing ?

We could come and have a NO OBLIGATION meeting with you to discuss your specific needs. This way you can see exactly how working with Inspired Online Solutions can get your online marketing working for you.

Online marketing solutions from Inspired Online Solutions to fit your budget.

local online marketing

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